Re: Red Ribbon Week

October 18, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

             Next week our school will celebrate Red Ribbon Week, which focuses on making safe, healthy, and positive choices.  It is also about preventing drug, alcohol, and cigarette use for children.  At Bristow Run, we are going to focus on talking to students about positive choices. We will be making age-appropriate morning announcements about how to make positive choices each day.  We will focus on the importance of eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, exercising and getting a good night’s sleep.  We will also be participating in a county-wide wear red day on Tuesday, October 23 and ask students to all wear red to support making healthy choices. At home, you may want to consider specifically talking to your children about avoiding drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  While this can be a difficult topic for parents to approach, research shows that parents who talk to their children about it are less likely to have kids that use!  So where can you start?  Here are some kid friendly points of discussion:

  • Medicine safety:Only take medicine from a trusted adult or medical professional.Take medicine exactly as it is prescribed.Taking more does not mean that you will feel better faster.
  • Never share medicine with others even if a friend or family member is sick.
  • Sometimes medicine and candy look alike so do not eat candy without asking an adult.
  • Even healthy things like vitamins can be dangerous if you take too many.
  • Never try any pills from a friend even if he/she says it is safe.
  • Alcohol is harmful for growing children and teens.It can hurt your brain and body.It will change how you feel, act, and develop.
  • It is illegal for kids to use cigarettes and alcohol.
  • What are drugs?Drugs can be medicine that only a doctor can prescribe.Drugs can also be something dangerous and illegal for all people to use including adults.


Together we can make a difference in keeping kids healthy and drug free.  You can look on my webpage on the BRES website (under departments/school counseling) to find the announcements that we will be saying.  On the back of this letter you will find the spirit days for next week. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



Mrs. Leischner, School Counselor





Red Ribbon Week SPIRIT DAYS:


Tuesday, October 23: Wear RED to support making healthy choices! 

Wednesday, October 24: Team up for Healthy Choices Day!  Wear something from your favorite sports team. 

Thursday, October 25: Pair up for healthy choices!  Find a partner and dress up like twins for the day or wear a pair of crazy socks!

Friday, October 26: Our school makes healthy choices School Spirit Day.  Wear school colors (purple and teal) OR a Bristow Run shirt.