Resources: Weekly Schedule
March 30-April 3

Language Arts:  Week 1 (March 30- April 3) 

Reading:  Complete 1-2 passages on Readtheory each day and the following in IXL activities     

Monday-          Main Idea                 IXL A.1, A.2   
Tuesday-          Theme/Author's Purpose IXL B.1, C.1  
Wednesday-    Text Structures        IXL D.1, D.2 (Order of Events/Compare Contrast) 

Thursday-        Text Structures         IXL D.3, D.4 (Cause/Effect - Problem/Solution) 
Friday-             Text Structures          IXL D.5 (Identifying all text structures) 

**For additional practice in this subject area click on the links below: 

Benchmark Universe:  Access Clever First 
Access to Clever 
MrNussbaum  (Reading 5th Grade) 


Complete a short journal entry 1-2+ paragraphs about the topic listed for the day or create your own topic for that day.  Keep this in a journal at home or complete it in your office 365 account using Microsoft word and share with your teacher for feedback. 


Monday- Prompt- April is coming up quickly and it is Keep America Beautiful Month. Describe the most beautiful place in your neighborhood or that you have visited.  Be descriptive!! 

Tuesday- Prompt- This is the last day of March and clearly a lot has happened over the past 31 days. Look back over the past month and write about your favorite memories from March. If you could do one thing differently, what would it be and why? 

Wednesday- Prompt- Today is April 1st or better known as April Fools’ Day. Write about the best joke you ever played on someone, a joke someone has played on you, or a trick you plan to play on someone in the future. 


Thursday- Prompt- Florida is known as the Sunshine State because of its beautiful weather and sunny climate. If you could make a nickname for Virginia, what would it be and explain why? 


Friday- Prompt- Springtime can be blustery and windy! Imagine that you’re walking down the street at sunset when the wind blows your favorite hat right off your head and into a wooded area behind you. Write about what you find when you chase your hat into the woods. 

Language Arts:
 For continued practice in reading comprehension use any of the
 following websites
Benchmark Universe:  Access Clever first
Mr. Nussbaum
at the 5th grade level students can review the following material
Reading Strategies - A1, A2, B1, C1, D1-5, H1-3, J1, M1-3, N1-2
Vocabulary - V1-8, Y1-4, BB1-3, FF1-7
*students should not worry about their score on this site just use the activities for practice