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Monday 3/30- Friday April 3

 IXL  K. 9,  K.11,  G. 11 (Compare, order fractions, put decimal #s in order) 

 IXL  G. 12,  G. 15 (Convert fractions to decimals, convert decimals to mixed ##s)

   IXL G. 18, 21, 22  (Compare fractions and decimals, order fractions decimals, mixed #s)

Perimeter & Area 
 IXL EE.1 (perimeter) and 
4th grade IXL BB.9 (area)  

IXL  EE. 13,  EE 15 (volume of cubes and rectangular prisms)

Math Teacher Notes: 
Remember to use your FIVE STEP PLAN to change fractions to decimals

1. Memorized Fraction? (¼, ⅓, ½, ⅔, ¾)  

2. Lucky Fraction? If your denominator is a 10,100, or 1000 you feel LUCKY because you just say it. 4/10= four tenths= .4  

3. Kinda Lucky Fraction? If your fraction can be easily made into a Lucky Fraction. If your denominator is a 5, 20, 25, or 50. (Example ⅗= 6/10) I multiplied the top and the bottom by the same number (2) to make it into a Lucky Fraction but still equal to the one I started with.  

4. 9’s Trick? Is my denominator a 9? If yes, then follow your pattern. 1/9=.111… 2/9=.222… 3/9=.333… 4/9=.444… 5/9=.555...etc…  

5. DIVIDE  If your numbers do not fall into any of the categories above, you MUST DIVIDE!!  Remember your numerator becomes your dividend and your denominator becomes your divisor.  

Perimeter (Add all sides)
Area of quadrilateral  (multiply length x width)
Area of right triangle (multiply
 length x width THEN DIVIDE BY 2)
Volume (multiply length x width x height)

Friday, March27
Happy Friday!! Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day outside today. So this week we reviewed algebra. 
*Prime and Composite Numbers (Remember Gigler's Magic Numbers)
*Even and Odd Numbers
*Algebraic Expressions
*Order Of Operations (PEMDAS)
Today read and complete the attached document
Algebra Study Guide
Thursday, March 26
Happy Friday JR.!!!!
Good Morning- looks like (hopefully) we'll have a sunny day today. Make sure you all get outside and get some Vitamin D. I have a scary feeling that many of you have been in the basement playing video games for the past two weeks straight!!!! HAHA.

Here is your quick math review for the day. We talked about patterns. The patterns we practiced will either increase (add or multiply by a specific number) 
2, 6, 18, 54 (rule is X 3)
1, 6, 11, 16 (rule is +5)

Or they will decrease (subtract or divide by a specific number)
50, 45, 40, 35 (rule is -5)
500, 250, 125, 62.5 (rule is /2) remember that is a division symbol??

Your practice today is IXL T. 1-4
Talk to you all soon!!

Wed March 25
Good Morning! I've heard from many of you via email. These emails are the best part of my day. Keep them coming! For your math assignment today I thought we'd review algebraic expressions.
Remember, these are expressions which mean NO equal signs. You are not solving an equation, just matching up the "math thought" to a real life situation. Here is my example: I bought a dozen eggs and Liam ate a bunch for breakfast today. 
My algebraic expression would be:    12-B
12 is the number of eggs I bought, the operation is subtraction, and we are not sure how many eggs Liam ate. (I used B as the variable representing how many he ate)
Your assignment today is to go on IXL and practice algebraic expressions at V.1-6
Email me!

Tuesday, March 24
Good Morning!!
So if you did your PEMDAS poster yesterday, you may use it today while you work in IXL!!

Go to IXL O.5,6 and the two bullet points after 6.

This is your order of operations practice. Remember to watch out for "M or D", and "A or S"!! And only do one operation per line.

Practice for 20 minutes-
Email me if you have any questions!

Monday March 23

Hey guys!
I thought it would be more organized for you to find math only stuff here under my name. 

Today we are going to create a PEMDAS poster. 

1. Draw a poster for PEMDAS (remember the pneumonic device?) hint- please excuse my dear....

2. Note on your poster what is "special" about M/D and A/S.

3. Answer why we need rules that tell us in what order to do the operations. (Can't I just do my favorite operation first??)

4. Give two examples with numbers that show you using order of ops to solve.

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