Eugene Mensah
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Grade or Subject:  ESOL

My love for teaching in Prince William County started in 2007 when I signed on to become a freelance interpreter and translator.  I then accepted in 2012 to teach English as a Second Language to adult students.  My interpreting and translation work increased my desire to work with K-12 students in the capacity of an ESOL teacher.  It is my way to give back since three of my own children have benefited from ESOL teachers and their remarkable and dedicated services.  With a Master’s degree in Linguistics, I decided to take additional courses to qualify fully as a K-12 ESOL teacher.  I was very happy when I got the opportunity to become an ESOL teacher here at Bristow Run Elementary in 2014.

I believe in giving every child and student an opportunity and support to excel and achieve their life’s dream.  As an educator, I like to be part of the wonderful stakeholders in my students’ world-class education experience here at Bristow Run and in Prince William County.  I think that language should never be an obstacle that caused a student to abandon his or her dreams.  I keep this viewpoint in mind all the time when I am helping my students to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  I know our EL parents would agree with me that we are in this together to help their children and our students achieve their best.

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