Guidance Schedule  
Counselors teach the grade level PWC Guidance objectives in three domains:Academic (Work Hard), Personal/Social (Be Kind) and Career (Do your Best).  Each class will receive at least three units of four weekly lessons.  

Guidance is taught during the encore rotation in the library beginning at the end of September.  Students will still have the opportunity to check out books during the lessons.  

September 25 through October 23: Guidance grades 3 through 5
October 24 through December 5: Guidance Kindergarten through 2nd grade
December 6 through January 7: Guidance grades 3 through 5
January 8 through Feb 13: Guidance Kindergarten through 2nd grade
Feb. 14 through March 15: Guidance grades 3 through 5
March 15 through April 12: Guidance Kindergarten through 2nd grade
April 22 to end of year:  Some lessons in K-2 and some in 3-5. 

Groups begin in October.  If you feel that your child would benefit from small group counseling, please contact the counselors.  We offer work habits groups (focus on organization, time management, attention), changing families (for students whose parents are separated or divorced), Communication Skills (for students who need help making friends, keeping friends, speaking skills, or assistance with anger), Bereavement (grief) and other groups. Please contact the school counselors for more information about small group counseling.