Language Arts

Social Studies


Language Arts:
Inference Battleship
Create Your Own Fairy Tale
Reading/Grammar Skill Builders
SOL Reading Comprehension Review
Grammar Games
Grammar Blast
Star Fall
Storyline Online
Wacky Web Tales

Practice Scoring 5th Grade Prompts
Spelling City

Ask Kids
Fact Monster
Geography for Children
Kids Click
Kids OnLine Resources
Information for Kindergarten - College
Portals to the world from the Library of Congress
SuperKids the Geography Directory for Kids
Tek-Mom Search tools
World Book On-Line
If using this at home please see your teacher for the login and password information.

Math Links
​Math review site of 4th and 5th grade skills
Reflex Math 
Multiplication review site
Jefferson Lab

Math and science review
Figure This!
Created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, this site helps families enjoy mathematics outside school through a series of fun and engaging challenges.
Kids sites for Math
A list of 20 great math websites for kids!
Lattice Multiplication
Need help understanding lattice multiplication? This website shows you (and parents) this fun way of working complex multiplication problems!
Learn those Math Terms!
Now you can see what all those math terms mean.
Math Web Hunt!
This leads students on a kid-safe web hunt, integrating mathematical concepts with science and social studies.
More Math Links!
Students will find a variety of lessons and games on many different topics.
School House Rock Math!
This is a link to the many School House Rock videos that address multiplication, as well as other short videos that cover this all-important topic.
School House Rock Money videos!
School House Rock videos that deal with money concepts.
This site is full of activities with exciting shapes and patterns!

Credit: Courtesy of T Clay Wood Fifth Grade Team

Science Links:
4th Grade Food Chain
Geology Learning Zone
Geology Tests and Quizzes
Interactive Rock Cycle
Interactive Rock Cycle
Study Jams 
Who wants to be a millionaire? Sound
Animal Videos!
This is a list of animal videos, including ones from Bill Nye and National Geographic.
Energy Videos!
This is a link to Bill Nye and School House Rock videos about energy and electricity.
Force & Motion videos!
These are videos on Force and Motion concepts, including Bill Nye and School House Rock.
Matter Videos!
These are links to videos about matter, atoms, and gases.
National Geographic For Kids!
Features different people, animals, and places each month with facts, games, activities, and related links.
Science Experiments at Home!
A fabulous collection of quick, easy, and very educational science experiments you can do at home.
Space Videos!
This is an extensive list of videos that cover the concepts surrounding the solar system, as well as the history of space exploration.
The Rock Cycle-- Interactive!
Discover Rock secrets!

Social Studies Links:
Do you know your states?
Flashcards- Quizlet
Geography Games
Kids Geo
Latitude and Longitude Game
Penguin States and Capitals

African American History Videos
This is a great site with links to appropriate and very educational videos from YouTube of famous African Americans.
Archiving Early America
This site contains movies based on the 'Famous Moments' series which highlight a true story of historical significance, providing 'students' of early America with a better understanding of the people, places and events of this important era.
Economics Videos- More School House Rock PLUS the Cosby's!
These are more great videos. Especially the Cosby clip- how much money do you need for a month when you are in college?
Geography Terms Rap!
You may have to watch this one a couple of times, because you will get so into the beat!
National Geographic For Kids!
This e-zine from National Geographic provides articles, online games, brainteasers, plus lots of other fun activities!
Scholastic News!
The News Zone presents current events that are most relevant to students, in a format that is fun and appealing.
Social Studies Fun!
This is a list of social studies related websites for kids.
The White House Fun Facts!
This is the official web site for the White House and President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. Watch his weekly address to the nation, which is posted every Saturday morning. Links to facts about all of the presidents, and 'insider info' about the White House.
U.S. Census Bureau
A super site for kids to learn U. S. census information. Includes an interactive map students can click on to learn information about each state. Also includes online quizzes.
U.S. Colonization-School House Rock!
Links to YouTube videos from School House Rock, called the Great American Melting Pot, the Louisiana Purchase, and No More Kings.
U.S. Government Videos-- more School House Rock!
This is a link to more classic School House Rock videos, including the "Bill on Capitol Hill" and the classic "Preamble to the U.S. Constitution."