PWCS Pacing Guide
PWCS has provided parents with the pacing guide for math. Refer to dates listed at the top of the pacing guide for current units of study.  

Students use IXL at school. They should have log in information in their Panther folder

Students can practice math skills from 1st to 8th grade. 

St. Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt 
Students can practice counting money on different task cards. 

Counting Money Practice 
More practice with counting money on task cards. This is a CHALLENGE activity because it is up to $5.00

Math Choice Board
Students can choose a new math activity every day to practice skills at home

2nd Grade Review Menus
Menus allow students to pick activities based on their interest. These 18 activities focus on 2nd grade skills 

Dice Games
Students can practice tally marks, addition, place value and other skills using dice from a board game at home. 

Playing Card Games
This website has different games you can play at home to build fluency using a deck of playing cards